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Master vs. slave tool

ASAP Tuningfiles develops modified software for all master tools that apply their own checksum correction. This means that the software that ASAP Tuningfiles provides are files WITHOUT checksum. This is no longer necessary with modern tools, they automatically apply this correction.

Our advice, always buy a master tool!

In the tuning industry, many suppliers sell Slave tools, which are much cheaper when purchased. But you are always linked to the company where you buy the tool because your “Slave” reads compressed software that you cannot open yourself. This is only possible with the Mastertool that your supplier has! This tool is called “Slave” tool for a reason.

Advantage master tool:

We work with the best tools worldwide, these include:

Are you also a user of WinOLS software?

Then you can also use our reseller database, this saves you a lot of time.

If you want to become a dealer, we can advise you in making a choice for which chip tuning tools you should purchase.

In our WinOLS reseller database you have the advantage that we always use 10 credits for our files, even if we have already adjusted EGR, DPF or Vmax.

For more information, please contact our helpdesk, they are ready to help you further.

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